From The CEO's Desk
Putting ideas to execution is the common driving force at Compare Infobase Limited. Having incubated over 500 projects on the basis of our ideation in online space, we have now zeroed down on developing exceptional capabilities in the global mapping arena. We focus on growing our team to fuel organizational growth. Compare Infobase has a well established culture of knowledge sharing and imparting. Do get in touch with us and let us grow together. Simarprit Singh

It's all about ideas and their execution.

Corporate Philosophy

We are powered by the philosophy of ESHQ— which stands for entrepreneurship, speed, horizon and quality. Our motto “Where tomorrow has been happening yesterday” is a reflection of our work ethos and urges us to strive for greater heights in our vision, innovation and performance.

ESHQ – The acronym stands for: Entrepreneurship: CIL is a company where Entrepreneurship is a way of life. Our vision is exemplified by our motto “Where Tomorrow has been happening since Yesterday.” We believe that entrepreneurship is the prime requisite for a committed and passionate workforce. An entrepreneur is a person who has an eye for opportunity and also the ability to achieve it, despite the risks involved.

Speed: Our focus on client’s requirements ensures that we are dedicated to meeting deadlines and ensuring that all deliverables reach the client on time or sooner. The zeal to achieve our goals and the passion to respect deadlines is what we believe in. We aspire to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients by ensuring that all deliverables reach the client on time or sooner, without comprising the quality of our products and services.

Horizon: We at CIL stay focused on the bigger picture and always look beyond our immediate tasks. Our growth as an organization is the result of the long-term vision of our Directors and our collective efforts to extend the horizons of what we can achieve. We believe that a good professional looks for an opportunity, even in adversity, and has the guts to make it successful.

Quality: Compare Infobase is dedicated to producing quality products and software solutions for our clients. Commitment to quality is one of the core values of Compare Infobase. We believe that quality is a measure of excellence and a good professional must be able to deliver more and better than the set standards every time.

Notice of EGM dated 30th Sept 2020